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About the house

Our wooden holiday house was made with lots of love using our own strengths and ideas. The house is made from fir-wood and each board was hand processed by us. You can find a wooden table and chairs inside the house. There are two big wooden hand-made tables on the front balcony (terrace) and behind the house.

The first floor is equipped with a sofa, small kitchen, TV, toilet and a shower. On the second floor, you have two beds, TV and a small balcony to drink coffee and enjoy the morning sun.

You can also enjoy the grill behind the house and an outside shower between the flowers during summer times.

Surrounding nature

The house is surrounded with beautiful flowers and bushes. You can enjoy the view towards the river Korana from the front part. Also enjoy the 15km long forest behind the house.

The mostly beech forest is also populated by oaks and pines. While enjoying a walk through the forest you can collect mushrooms, strawberries and chestnuts.

The forest is filled with beautiful animal life like deers, hedgehogs, foxes, pheasants and many more.

Nearby activities and attractions

While staying at our holiday house, it’s very easy and fast to visit the famous Plitvice lakes or the beautiful Adriatic sea.

If you wish to visit the capital city of Croatia, a short half an hour drive will get you to its magnificent building and attractions

Want to go mountain-climbing and camping? Martišćak and Klek mountains are just 30 minutes away. Enjoy the fresh mountain air with an astonishing view.

River Korana is just 5 minutes away. The Korana river with lots of fun places to visit and relax is just one of the nearby rivers. Karlovac city, which is just 15 minutes away has 4 rivers. Enjoy them all.

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