Karlovac war museum and Michael Jackson ???

11 studenoga 2017
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One of the most famous songs from Michael Jacskon is the Earth Song. So what does it have to do with Karlovac, the Karlovac war museum and Holiday House Biba?


“The video was filmed in four geographic regions (Americas, Europe and Africa). The first location was the Amazon Rainforest, where a large part was destroyed a week after the video’s completion. Natives of the region appeared in the video and were not actors. The second scene was a war zone in Karlovac, Croatia.” (Wikipedia.com).

It’s now converted to a Homeland war memorial museum.


So, what can you see at the Karlovac war museum?

First of all, it’s open-air. It’s mostly old war land vehicles (tanks and cannons) but there is also an airplane and some old buildings to check out. Currently, one of these buildings is being put inside a giant glass box. Yes, the whole building is being surrounded by a giant glass construction to preserve it for the upcoming years. The war museum is located in Turanj, Karlovac and it has a free entrance so be sure to check it out.

How far is the Karlovac war museum?

From the center of Karlovac, it will take you about 5-10 minutes by car and around 40 minutes walking to reach the war museum in Karlovac. Exactly the same time that will take from our beautiful Holiday House Biba to the Karlovac war museum. Stay in our house and enjoy an amazing view, night skyline and have a benefit of avoiding city congestion. If you are going anywhere near Plitvice Lakes this museum will be on your route. Jjust remember to get of the highway in Karlovac (or simply use the D1 which is the main state road) to travel to Plitvice Lakes or the beautiful Adriatic sea.



Need more info or a place to stay near Karlovac, the Plitvice Lakes or the war museum?

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