What's the pricing?

Pricing and terms

How does the booking process works?

Feel free to choose from one of our three relax-plans or contact us if you would like to book for over 10 nights.

All packages include a full house all to yourself.

While staying at the house, you can call us 24 hours per day for any reason. If for any reason you would like us to come to the house (clean something, you need help with something, etc.) just give us a call and we will be there. No additional charge.

  • 1-2 nights (2-3 days)

  • 50
    per night
  • Need a quick break from your everyday routine? Relax, enjoy the nature and have a quick peek at nearby attractions.
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  • 6-10 nights (7-11 days)

  • 50
    per night
  • Enough time for the Adriatic sea, wilderness of Klek mountain and amazing Plitvice lakes but still enough time to simply lay down and relax.
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  • Custom tailored

  • 45
    More than 10 nights?
  • Custom tailored package, for when you wish to get the longest possible relaxing experience.
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cleaning fee: 15€
security deposit: 50€

Please note that during the holiday season, we require a minimum stay of 3 nights and different prices apply. Get in touch with us for more information.

Booking process

First contact

Send us a message with your question and at what period would you like to book the house and start your relaxation period.

Our reply

We will reply with an offer if the house is available at given dates. We will even give you additional dates when the house is available if your first choice is already booked.


You agree to book the house and we send you the agreement and notice that you have reserved the house in your period. A small down payment will be required for the reservation to be completed.


You arrive at the house and we welcome you with a short walk around. Your relaxation can now begin.

Frequently asked questions

What is the maximum number of guests allowed in the house?
The house is ideal for 4, so whether you’re looking for a romantic getaway with your partner, want to go on holiday with your family or enjoy a trip among friends, we have the solution for you !

Can we rent a house for a week, go to the Adriatic sea every day but still sleep at the house each night?
Sure, the house is yours 24 hours per day and the Adriatic sea is just about 2 hours from our house.

Do you have air conditioning?
Yes, we do but hopefully, you will enjoy the local attractions and the surrounding nature so you won’t need it that much.

Is WiFi available?
Yes, and it’s free to use. Keep in mind that you are surrounded by nature, not by cell towers so don’t expect any high-end 4G speeds but a regular 3G 🙂

Is smoking allowed?
Sorry, smoking is not allowed in the house. However, you can smoke on the main balcony on the first floor.

Can we explore the forest behind the house?
Of course! You can see lots of beautiful flowers, trees and of course animals. Keep in mind they don’t usually meet with people so they tend to be shy and run away.

Are pets allowed?
Sorry, no pets are allowed in the house. Not that we don’t like animals, but keep in mind that it’s an all wooden house and can easily be damaged.

Are the telescope and the grill included in the rent?
Yes, they are. Enjoy amazing flavours on our one of kind hand made barbeque during the day, and see what the moon looks like up close at night.

Is parking available free of charge?
Yes, you can park your car inside the fence if needed, or you can leave outside the fence. Don’t worry, birds and bunnies won’t try to steal it.

How many people can sleep in the house?
The first floor has a big sofa where 2 people can sleep and there are 2 connected beds on the upper floor.

Can you prepare some snacks and drinks for us before we arrive?
Sure thing. Just tell us what you would like and we will buy it and put it in the fridge.

Will the price increase or stay the same depending on the number of people?
The price stays the name no matter how many people are renting the house. Come alone or invite up to 3 more friends and explore the surroundings.

Are we all alone in the house?
Yes you are, and not only do you get the house to yourself, you get the whole property just for your relaxations.

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