Zorin Dom Karlovac – 125 years old

28 studenoga 2017
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The theater Zorin dom in Karlovac is one of the oldest in this part of Europe. This year, just 2 days ago, Zorin dom has celebrated it’s 125th birthday. Construction has started in the 1891. year and it was opened on 27th of November 1892. 

Since it’s grand opening, Zorin dom was under several reconstructions. The first was only 13 years after it was built (1905). The second reconstruction started in 1963 and was finished 3 years later. If that seems like a lot of time to do a maintenance of a relatively small theater, you’re up for a surprise. In the 1987 the theater had started it’s third renovation which lasted an amazingly (disappointing) 14 years. Yeah, not 14 months, but 14 years. For a cinema with 329 seating places. Seriously, check it out here.

Never the less, Zorin dom in Karlovac is really a nice looking theater from the inside and outside. If you’re visiting Karlovac, be sure to check the current theater program.

Zorin dom Karlovac

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